The Hyracks Platform

Hyracks is a data-parallel runtime platform designed to perform data-processing tasks on large amounts of data using large clusters of shared-nothing commodity machines. This process helps secure data integrity and bolsters overall security.

This may sound super complex, but really it's just a technology that allows websites to process data faster. We've been heavily focused on helping business owners improve their site processing speeds so they can convert more of their leads into paying customers.

Cart abandonement rates are huge in this day and age. Up to 50% in some cases. Our technology can help limit this problem by processing data super quickly on a website.

Not only are we passionate about data processing, we also have a love for all things online business. In fact, we've recently taken the Sam Ovens Consulting accelerator course because we want to provide consulting services to people that need help with data processing. This course is aimed at people looking top start a profitable business by leveraging the skills they already have. It's an awesome way to build a business as you don't need to spend years of your life learning something new.

Anyways, enough about consulting, this site should be focused on our data-parallel runtime platform, but we just couldn't resist talking about business!